Follow the spark

Sometimes, we get too much into our heads, we think, rather than tuning into how we feel. We think, about what we should do, how we should do it, and what that might mean... it's really very linear. And it can make you feel very underwhelmed, unexcited, and just plain blah. So.... how do we [...]

It's ok not to be ok

It's ok not to be ok. I'm not ok. A lot of people I know are not ok. A lot of people they know are not ok. Heck, most of us in the world right now, are quite simply not ok. I'm a big believer in everything happening for a reason. I agree that the [...]

The space between

There are times in all of our lives where we move into the space between. The space between our old story, and our new story. The space between our old life, and our new life. The space between being the person we used to be, that everyone knows, to being someone different, perhaps someone that [...]

I belong

I have spent most of my life feeling like I don't belong. I've come to realise something. I have spent most of my life feeling like I don't belong. Not understanding my place here. Wondering how I fit in. Wondering why I am here. I have spent a lot of time in the energy of [...]

Re-defining Self

So, having had my ongoing, highly emotional and profound realisations of late, I've been pondering a lot. Intense and deep thoughts. Having realised that I've been holding my sh*t together whilst on a crusade to win some kind of battle I was actually waging against myself, I've been thinking about the concept of re-defining myself. [...]

We all see the world differently

When I was little, I remember having a very strong stance on judgement, and I argued my point of view with adults and whoever else cared to have the discussion. I felt very strongly, that it was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to judge someone, because you had no idea what was in their head. How could you [...]

When life feels inconvenient

So, as one of my favourite spiritual teachers (Marianne Williamson) says - the Universe is both self-organising and self-correcting. There are destiny (destination) points along the way, and if we miss them through the power of our own free will, the Universe re-routes the GPS and sends us on an alternative route, back to where [...]

Who do you honour?

We all do it don't we? We do things that are not for ourselves. We do them out of fear of not upsetting others. Effectively, we are diminishing the desire, the flame, the needs of ourselves, for fear of another's reaction. And our discomfort to it. We don't like to feel uncomfortable, do we? It's [...]

Let the feelings flow

Whatever you are feeling, feel it. Cry, yell, scream, run, write, draw, paint, scribble. Move it out of your body. Being incredibly sensitive my entire life, I learnt early on how to push my emotional expression down. When I was little I cried all the time, and this made the people around me uncomfortable. Those [...]