If I died today

It's been on my mind the last few days. If I died today, would I feel like I showed the world who I was. Did I live authentically and let people know who I truly am? Not the mother me. Not the daughter me Not the sister me. Not the wife me. Not the friend [...]

So what do you do when it doesn’t feel perfect?

More often then not, things don't happen the way you planned. The road is often windy, it doesn't always make sense and sometimes it brings you to your knees. It doesn't matter what you've been through, it brought you here. You are right here, right now and where that is, is perfect. So what do [...]

This is Me

I am the child who did not know how to be in the world. I am the child who cried rivers of tears knowing that she saw everything in a different hue, and that she was different too. I am the child who ate her way into a bubble of protection. I am the child [...]

Who are you?

Sitting here, I have no real idea about what I'm about to say, about to type. I can just feel it bubbling up inside of me. How unbelievable it is, that so many people, are so unhappy with their lives. Who keep playing the roles they have always played. Who get up day after day [...]

Soul Whispers

I am the little girl who was too afraid to speak, too afraid to be seen and too afraid to feel loved. Almost too afraid to live. I am the teenager who was fractured, who couldn’t see the light, who tried to drown her sorrows and who couldn’t accept her calling. I am the young [...]


Sometimes it's hard to not feel resentful. When you feel like everyone just expects you to do everything you do and have always done. Be a mother, a wife, a daughter, employee, sibling, friend, volunteer... do it all looking freaking amazing, keep your cool, cook amazing food and run a fabulous house. While you're at [...]

I Am Enough

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for ages. I’ve been procrastinating non-stop. I mean, why would I write something that potentially no one will ever read? But I have this little voice inside my head telling me to do it. There are words inside of me that need to find their way out and [...]