When it feels heavy.

Get me out. I need to go. I cannot be here anymore. This body suffocating, closing in, squashing Spirit and Soul within. There is no peace. It feels so heavy. I can't do it. Someone help me. Save the day, catch me quick, hold me up, help me stick. I don't know how to be [...]

Creating from love.

We create our lives in every moment, each decision building the picture that appears further down the road. As consciousness is rising on the planet, faster than ever before, we have been increasingly drawn to navigating and manifesting what we create from this elevated state. Perhaps for some time for the sensitive and soul-led. But [...]


Resistance. It sits heavy. The black cloud shutting out the light, holding strong the darkness. Stifling the flame, dashing hope on each horizon. And we can know it does not serve us. We can know it does not help. We can know it holds us back. We can know so many things with our intellectual [...]

You are the start

Our Souls yearn for our true essence to be expressed in its fullness and in its beauty. But we hide for fear of being seen, for fear of rejection, for fear of being not enough. Fear of being wrong, in every shade of hopeless. Everyday fighting a silent war to earn our right to be [...]


If you feel you are being pulled in one direction with compulsion, or too many directions at once you can become lost in the energy and lose sight of the significance of your true expression; the embodiment of your spirit. It can be all encompassing and hold you in stuckness with a distinct feeling of [...]

You are the light

Healing and truth.. sometimes it comes out of nowhere and hits you like a sledgehammer. And you have to remind yourself that you asked to be the best you can be. You asked to work through all of the layers that were holding you back. You wanted to be free from whatever was perpetuating the [...]

Doing the work

Recent conversations have led me to ponder the nature of transformation and doing 'the work'. Healing as a definition is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. Part of my mission in this life is to be a facilitator of healing, to hold space and share what is needed for self-healing to [...]

Make space for your magnificence

We each have beautiful sparks of creation, ideas, that dance across our consciousness like shooting stars. And we say to ourselves, life is busy right now, I will do that one day when I have space. When I have more money. When I have more time. When I have more knowledge. When, when, when. The [...]

What can I do?

I have been pondering the thread of energy that has been flowing through conversations of late. The ones where fear has big-hearted humans on a knife's edge wondering how they can fix the hole that humanity finds itself in. But that's the thing. There is no silver bullet. And looking at what is going on [...]