Follow the spark

Sometimes, we get too much into our heads, we think, rather than tuning into how we feel. We think, about what we should do, how we should do it, and what that might mean... it's really very linear. And it can make you feel very underwhelmed, unexcited, and just plain blah. So.... how do we [...]

You are needed

You are needed. There is this dance of spirit that moves and swirls, in creation, in balance, in expansion. You are needed, we are all needed. Just as the sun and the moon, the water and the earth, the cold and the heat need each other. The perfectness of you fits the hole, of the [...]

Embracing the depths of you

You don't have to feel good everyday. It doesn't mean you're failing. It doesn't mean you're falling into some kind of downward spiral. Sometimes we need to wallow, to cry, to hide. To be angry, to be sad, to be incredibly irritated to no avail. Sometimes we simply cannot navigate our way out of a [...]

We are all the same, but different.

We all experience the same things, at some point on our timeline. We are all souls, here for the evolution and expansion of ourselves and of the collective, we are Universal Source Energy. It's simply that we are experiencing things at different times, in different timelines and different dimensions. But in essence everything we experience [...]

It's ok not to be ok

It's ok not to be ok. I'm not ok. A lot of people I know are not ok. A lot of people they know are not ok. Heck, most of us in the world right now, are quite simply not ok. I'm a big believer in everything happening for a reason. I agree that the [...]

Stand in your power

Do not waiver. Know who you are. Know why you are here. If you feel lost, sit, take a breath and go within. You have the power to realise your greatness, there is no one else who can tell you. Remember it. Feel it. Embody it. You have the answers to all of your questions. [...]

No more compromise

There's an interesting shift in energy that I've come to notice of late. Intitially in myself toward the end of 2019, and increasingly in those around me over the last few months. There has been this rising from deep inside of us, of the feeling that we simply cannot stand by and accept the reality [...]